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Brogsitter Saar Riesling Hochgewächs


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Grape: Riesling

Vintage: 2019

Alcohol: 12,5%

VAT included

10 in stock

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The fruity, pleasant and not to loading acid and the richness of his bouquets
give our Riesling Hochgewächs class.

The most prestigious wineries in Germany, which also were purveyor to the
court, named their Riesling wines always “Hochgewächs”. To underline the
unique international standing of the German Riesling, the lawmaker anchored
1986 the definition of the Hochgewächs in the german wine statute. Therefore
since 1986 the term Hochgewächs is not anymore an intern designation but a
statutory high quality level for the Riesling. These wines originate to 100 % from
the Riesling vine and are inspected by a special strict control (double score at
the official quality wine control)

Fish, white meat, Pasta, Antipasti or solo.


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