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Gérard Bertrand Code Rouge Blanc de Blancs


Grape: Chardonnay, Chenin, Mauzac

Vintage: NV

Alcohol: 13%

VAT included
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” This Blanc de Blancs bubbly comes in a bright and shiny lemon-yellow color, but really an appealing yellow with some intensity. The nose also displays some intensity, surprisingly nutty, like slightly toasted hazelnut tones dominating the profile. It smells , a little buttery and creamy which you don’t necessarily expect from a wine coming in such a fancy packaging. You expect more of a simple fruit-driven profile. Yet indeed, it smells quite refined like a well-made bubbly properly aged in bottle.
There is some fruitiness as well, in the form of vibrant lemon aromas, peach with the stone notes that come with the acidic and juicy ones.
The palate is dry with good round body, and just a touch of sweetness to balance it out well. The whole feels opulent and oily, but fresh from bursting lemon and lime flavors that come with a solid but smooth acidity.
Plenty of leesy nutty notes in your mouth as well, finish rounding off the sparkling wine, and add depth to the experience, and more importantly length to the finish on buttery walnut notes.”


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