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Endless River Sauvignon Blanc


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Grape: Sauvignon Blanc

Vintage: N/A

Alcohol: 12%

VAT included

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“A white wine of pale colour, with green reflections and translucent shades. The wine is brilliant, light, and clear. It is rich and full bodied when swirled in the glass.

In the nose, the typical aromas of Sauvignon with richer and softer connotations. We have found in it aromas of white fruit compotes, pears, peaches, some mineralitie as well as a hint of gun powder. On airing it is joined by aromas of citrus fruit confits and honey. A smell that combines sweetness and freshness.

In the mouth, the wine has sweet and fleshy bouquet. Then the texture binds itself with more bubbly and light sensations creating a lovely minerals.

The taste lingers in the mouth and at the finish,we discover honey-like and compotes sensations. A perfect balance of liveliness and sweetness. All the same it remains a dry wine at the end.”


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